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    Sunday Links #12

    Sorry for the lack of posts, been crazy busy in London for D&AD New blood! So on that subject;

    - Johnson Banks - Things seen at New Blood

    - Creative Review - New Blood picks

    - Build Blog - New Blood

    - FFF - New Blood 2012

    - Design Week - New Blood picks

    - D&AD - New Blood liveblog

    Few other things (not been online much) ;

    - Mat Dolphin shared 150 creative website bookmarks

    - Quad Royal on bunting

    - The sound word index

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    Sunday Links #11

    My favourite things I’ve read this week;

    - The Casual Optimist - Q&A with Barbare deWilde

    - Design Week - What did you do for your degree show? 

    - Design Survival - Guide to getting hired

    Alasdair Monk - Reflections on So & So (Worth checking out the ten issues of So & So, definitely the best example of using good design to make written content on the web much easier and more compelling to read)


    - Unit Editions are having a one day Studio Culture event at the Design Museum in London on the 13th July. Looks really good, and its free, more info here. I’m hoping to go along if I can.

    Watch this;

    - 5 things every presenter needs to know about people

    Listen to this;

    - The Future of Advertising podcast has part 2 of an excellent interview with George Lois.

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    Sunday Links #10

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    -  It was announced that Typo London is back this year, with some great speakers lined up already. Lets hope I win a ticket again…

    - Unit Editions are bringing out a book on typographic great Herb Lubalin, looks to be fantastic.

    - Pentagram have designed 40 posters to mark their 40 years. Oh and also a very bland identity for the University of the Arts London, but it’s probably what the client wanted. Been experiencing first hand the shift that art colleges are making towards becoming much sleeker tidier establishments, inevitable with the fees so high, but a great shame too.

    - Wolff Olins Blog - Don Draper has got it wrong

    - Print Mag - Would You Buy a Logo From This Man?

    - The Inspiration List is a new site where creatives can save their favorite inspiring bookmarks

    -  Last but not least, check out the winners of the 2012 Design Week Awards. Few projects I recognise there from lectures at NUCA, and I blogged about the winner of the rising star category nearly a year a go (here)!

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    Sunday Links #9

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    Who Says Print is Dead? - The Guardian, some good news about the future of magazines.

    - I love the 80’s - Design Observer, Michael Bierut is a brilliant writer as well as a designer, interesting article by him about the look of the 1980’s.

    - McSweeney’s - The world’s first and only completely honest resume of a graphic designer, very funny!

    - Computer Arts - 10 tips from D&AD for making yourself more employable, things like this are handy for me at the moment…

    - Computer Arts - The 200 best design moments ever, part 2

    - Computer Arts - Trend Report: The real thing (Good week for Computer Arts it seems!) really interesting article.

    - An interview with my favorite map makers Herb Lester

    - Paul Soulellis - Wymouths, tumblr version of a 20 minute lecture given in London this weekend, about a really interesting project.

    Listen to this; 

    - The Colors episode of Radiolab, fascinating as always from the sciencey podcast.

    - Going nicely full circle this week as the new It’s Nice That podcast (#4) features the art director of Wallpaper* magazine and Jeremy Leslie of blog MagCulture (quoted in the first article linked to this week)

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    Sunday Links #8

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    Youth and Design - Moving Brands, interesting thoughts why the design industry is so youthful.

    Print Mag - ‘Your Ego is a Bad Designer’

    NY Times on the ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’ exhibition, hope it comes to London some time.

    Print Mag - Steven Heller talks to cartoonist David Rees about his new book on Pencil Sharpening, much more interesting than it sounds!

    Mat Dolphin - U-Turn Ahead, article about knee-jerk reactions to design and changing your mind.

    Forbes - Why a Brand Matters

    David Airey - What employers look for #5 this sort of thing is especially of interest to me at the moment! Worth checking out the first 4 in the series too.

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    Sunday Links #7

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    Craig Mod - Hack the Cover, a really interesting essay on book covers in the digital age.

    The Telegraph - World of Kenneth Grange, industrial designer, words of wisdom from the Pentagram co-founder and legendary product designer.

    The Guardian - Damien Hirst: Two Weeks One Summer – review, great example of a negative review!

    ICOGRADA - Teal Triggs ‘The Future of Design Education’, interesting thoughts on how graphic design education should be changing. 

    OBlog - Why Write about Graphic Design?, Jessica Helfand on why she writes.

    Creative Review - Pretty Ugly or plain ugly?, one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a long time, about an emerging trend in graphic design (I’ll probably share my thoughts on this at a later date)

    Watch this;

    Marina Willer and Angus Hyland on Identities at AGI Open 2011.

    Nat Hunter at Typo Berlin, saw her talk at Typo London before Airside closed, interested to hear about what she has done since! (Not watched this yet)

    Happy Food by Yum Yum, lovely fun short animation.

    Listen to this;

    - The It’s Nice That Studio Audience Podcast has been brilliant every time, mainly thanks to the quality of the guests and chat, #3 features Matt Jones of Berg and Alex Needham, culture editor of the Guardian. 

    - I’m a bit of a podcast geek, theres a handful that I listen to religiously. But I only just got into This American Life a few weeks a go, enjoying it so far! And it sometimes features David Sedaris, who I saw last night at a BBC recording, very funny!

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    Sunday Links #6

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    That’s all for this week! Been amazingly busy getting ready for my final assessment at uni tomorrow! 

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    Sunday Links #5

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    Watch this;

    Listen to this;

    • It’s Nice That have done another podcast, Studio Audience #2. Really interesting again, this time featuring Trisha Andres editor of Crane.tv and Patrick Burgoyne editor of the ever excellent Creative Review.  
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    Sunday Links #4

    My Favorite things I’ve read (and heard) online this week;

    Bit of an audio special this week! ;

    - The Future of Advertising podcast posted the first part of a really interesting interview with George Lois in his New York studio. You can get it through iTunes here.

    - The Design Matters podcast with Debbie Millman interviews prolific design author and writer Steven Heller. You can listen to that here, I haven’t yet but I know it will be good!

    - It’s Nice That recently launched a podcast called Studio Audience, Episode #1 features illustrator Rose Blake and designer Andy Altmann from Why Not Associates

    - If you are in the UK you can listen to graphic designer and Mighty Boosh member Dave Brown talk about the Highway Code, which was on Radio 4 this Friday but is available on iplayer.

    On to the things you can read;

    - A guide to interesting bookshops in London, planning to check out these some time!

    - Print Mag has Rick Poyner asking What Happened to Sci-Fi Graphics?

    - Slate take a trip to Pantone HQ

    - The Guardian has the 10 best movie credit sequences 

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    Sunday Links #3

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    Newspaper Club had a student week on their blog, which featured some interesting links and advice;

    The New York Magazine asked Milton Glaser 21 Questions, and he gave his opinion on Donald Trumps hair;
    "I can’t figure out his hair. From the point of view of someone who is into art and form-making, I can’t figure out the structure of it: where it’s coming and where it’s going. And then I also wonder, what does he think this object on his head achieves? It’s just a great mystery. "

    How a creative agency thinks about digital publishing an interview with The Church of London

    Designers 3D-print typeface-inspired ‘Arkitypo’ alphabet , Wired magazine article about the typography project Arkitypo, a collaboration between Johnson Banks and Ravensbourne university.

    The Atlantic - Has Kindle killed the book cover?

    Adobe shared an interesting video about design duo Non Format, which you can watch here.

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    Sunday Links #2

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    - The D&AD Professional award winners were announced http://www.dandad.org/awards/professional/2012 and Johnson Banks wrote about a notable and very worth project absent from the awards - Thought For The Week - Not at all funny

    - Mat Dolphin had Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne on their great 10 questions series - Ten Questions 027

    "I always wanted to write and I was always interested in ‘visual culture’: this job allows me to combine the two."

    The Casual Optimist will be here every Sunday if he keeps interviewing great people! This time it was a Q & A with Nigel Peake

    "Nearly everything I see has an affect upon me, one of my favourite things is to sit and just look, not as a form of procrastination but as a way of observing what is around me. There is so much to see and hear in everything."

    The Digital Executioner is a site that randomly generates funny digital business ideas.

    - Handsome Frank, Tweet a Brief is a fun chance to get an idea you have possibly done by a professional illustrator, so long as you keep it under 140 characters. Or if your a creative yourself Bestival Wants You to enter a competition to design a screen-printed poster for one of the artists performing this year. 

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    Sunday Links

    My favorite things I’ve read online this week; 

    Mat Dolphin - Graphic Design Will Eat Itself 

    "Put simply, design is all about ideas. Creative, brilliant and original ideas. To come up with these ideas, designers need inspiration, which can and should come in a number of forms. "

    The Casual Optimist - Q&A with Jennifer Heuer 

    "Naturally, I read the manuscript if there is one. While I’m reading I keep a running list of keywords, signifiers, and themes in my notebook. From there I create some free-association lists of words, trying to decide on a general direction for the look."

    Mother London - The Guide to Single Purpose Blogs

    "So what is a Single Purpose Blog? Well, it’s exactly what it says really. A blog about a single thing, one subject; it serves one purpose, and one purpose alone.Unlike a blog on one broad topic, say football or fashion; SPBs are about something super specific."

    The Observer - ‘Magazines will always have a place on people’s shelves’

    Paul Willoughby, creative director of independent film magazine Little White Lies, says: “People are always going to have their personal space, their flat or whatever, and they’re going to want to surround themselves with personal things. I think magazines will always have a place on people’s shelves.” Assuming, Willoughby adds wryly, the internet doesn’t somehow bugger up the shelving industry too.

    (Hopefully this will be a weekly occurrence every sunday, along with a quote every saturday still. Just fancy giving my blog more consistency at weekends) 


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