1. I’m back home from a week in sunny Portugal, back to cold and wet Britain unfortunately. But I’m excited to extend summer a little by catching Jean Jullien’s beach themed exhibition! 

    Jean Jullien - La Plage, 12th - 29th September @ Beach London

    La Plage builds upon Jullien’s recent London exhibitions Allo? at Kemistry Gallery and at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, in presenting sharp-witted visual puns that explore human interaction and social behaviours - in this case, at the Beach. The work in La Plage will draw inevitable comparison to the infamous British seaside postcards from the early twentieth century by the likes of Donald McGill; eschewing the overt suggestiveness, and replacing it with a more subtle, intelligent humour - made possible by Jullien’s outstanding understanding of composition.

    These are so smart and funny, hope I can get down there to see the exhibition in person. You can follow some of his work on tumblr here - newsofthetimes.tumblr.com/ and he recently joined twitter @jean_jullien.

    Previous posts about here Jean Jullien here

  2. Managed to catch Jean Jullien’s first solo show in London this saturday. Allo? runs at Kemistry gallery in shoreditch til the 27th of March, well worth popping by if you’re in London. 

    Always been a huge fan of his work (previous posts here), it’s the sort of clever wit that I really enjoy, as well as a very keen sense of humour. Allo? is full of funny observations about modern life and how we interact with each other in a digital world. It’s not just silly however, do get the feeling of an underlying skepticism or disappointment. Not surprising considering his work is full of smart observations of the world around him, things you would probably miss with your face in your phone all day long!

    You can follow Jean Jullien on tumblr at newsofthetimes.tumblr.com/ a blog of news based editorial illustrations that he runs with two others. Kemistry gallery also have a tumblr at kemistrygallery.tumblr.com/

    Posts about other exhibitions I’ve been to can be found here (been a while but got a few more to write up).

  3. Jean Jullien is definitely one of my favorite illustrators right now. His style is so simple but manages to be quirky and unique, and his images are often full of wit. Clever ideas that make you smile, or make you look longer to decode them. 

    The above pictures are from a new 24 page project of his called Silhouettes, perfect examples of what I was just talking about! You can buy them as a black and white zine here (at least I think so, my French isn’t brilliant).

    Go have a look at all (you won’t regret seeing it all) of his work here; http://www.jeanjullien.com/work.html oh and follow this tumblr he contributes to! http://newsofthetimes.tumblr.com/

    Found via It’s Nice That

  4. Last night at Mother in London there was an exhibition called Who is Rupert Ray?, in honour of the launch of new design company Rupert Ray, started by Alex Maclean and Caroline Matthews who previously worked at the recently disbanded company Airside.

    For the exhibition they posed the question of ‘Who is Rupert Ray?’ to "a list of invited artists to illuminate the historical character or to invent a new myth. Each of the artists responses tells us something about the character and something about the artist." 

    Some really brilliant artists were involved, including a lot of my favorites! The pieces featured above are by Jean Jullien, Malika Favre, Alison Carmichael, Crispin Finn, James Joyce, Noma Bar and Pete Fowler. See the rest and get more info here.

    Also on a side note check out this post on Creative Review about the Rupert Ray logo designed by Chermayeff and Geismar. Lots of negative comments about it! I think it is dominos pizza esque, and a bit American presidential too. But it’s a bit weird and a bit quirky because of that, just like the companies name and story. Also from what I saw on twitter they had the logo on pizza boxes, so they have a sense of humour! I’m sure they will be producing some interesting work with real character, just like Airside use to. 

  5. Little White Lies are resurrecting their old LWL70 exhibition where they commissioned artists and illustrators to create re-imagined posters for classic movies. I saw it at the Kemistry Gallery in London last summer, but now it has moved to the colette store in Paris. 

    The new exhibition runs at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival, and features 14 pieces from last year. As well as 13 new ones, including the pieces above which are by Jean Jullien, Anthony Burrill, André, Genevieve Gauckler, Ill studio and Kuntzel+Deygas.

    Lovely posters! Little White Lies always work with great people. Also they have a tumblr which I recently found out about, so give it a follow!


    (Info & pics via Digital Arts)

  6. Todays post is promoting a tumblr I’ve been enjoying for a few weeks, which you should be following too! 

    News Of The Times is a blog where 3 French illustrators each post editorial illustrations with links to the news articles that inspired them. The artists are some of my favorites too, Jean Jullien (top two images of this post, who I’ve previously posted about here), Yann Le Bec (middle two images, previously featured here) and Gwendal Le Bec (bottom two images).

    Give them a follow; http://newsofthetimes.tumblr.com/

  7. Posters by illustrator Jean Jullien, created for Troll Slayer, a new EP by his brothers electronic band Niwouinwouin. Jean does all the art direction, then together as The Jullien Brothers they direct the music video. 

    In the Troll Slayer video the posters above animate and come to life, a really neat idea. Looks awesome. I like the song too, even though its a bit weird, very catchy…

    Previous blog posts about Jean Jullien can be seen here

  8. I blogged about the work of illustrator Jean Jullien the other day (here), since then I’ve come across a recent installation by him in Gijon, Spain called ‘El Banquete’. 

    More illustrators with a strong graphic style should make their work three dimensional! 

    Via YCN

  9. Jean Jullien is French designer, illustrator and all round creative. His bio talks of a ‘coherent yet eclectic body of work’ which I think is very true, there is consistency yet a great range! Really like his work, colourful and simple with lots of room for wit and humour. Interesting subject matter too, lots of funny illustrations about the modern world. Love his characters as well, perfect mix of style and simplicity.

    He studied graphic design in Quimper, France before moving to study in London at St.Martins in 2008 and the RCA in 2010. Amazing list of clients as well as many publications that have featured him, and rightly so!

    Check out his website for loads more work! There are a lot of great things that are less illustrative too. www.jeanjullien.com/work.html


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