1. Christmas Gift Ideas : #1 Present & Correct

    Can’t believe I’ve never blogged about Present & Correct before! Set up by 2 graphic designers (it shows) in 2008, they sell an immaculately well curated collection of things; both modern and vintage. Mainly ephemera, stationary, prints and books which they source on travels around Europe 4 times a year. I absolutely love literally everything they sell, the shame is that the excellent variety means I’ve never actually bought anything from them…

    But the good news is that they are opening a shop tomorrow 6th December, in Clerkenwell (info here). I’m hoping to go on saturday and have a look, and finally buy something from them (cheeky christmas present to myself perhaps). If you’re not in London then check the original online shop instead - http://presentandcorrect.com/

    But they aren’t just a shop, they also have a brilliant blog, and are great across all social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Their blog has been a great source of images for my Mid-Century Modern blog, which they have very kindly tweeted about a few times in the past, so hopefully this post repays the favour!

  2. Paradise Parking, a personal project by photographer Peter Lippmann, shows vintage cars that have been abandoned and become totally overgrown. Really fascinating to see nature consuming technology, very beautiful in a weird way.

    Spotted this in the Creative Review photography annual.

  3. Guinness adverts, photographed by Paul Zak. The campaign came from art director Antony Nelson and copywriter Mike Sutherland of AMV BBDO London

    Don’t really need to say anything about these, the quality of the idea speaks for itself. Came across them in the Creative Review photography annual, where they won ‘Best in Book’. 

  4. "These are not cute vintage vans, dispensing cones of rose sorbet and salt caramel to middle-class festival-goers. They are Transits, plastered with Disney cartoons in varying states of fadedness, trawling the streets selling 99 Flakes."

    Ice-Cream Vans, by Luke Stephenson

  5. A selection of new work from Kyle Bean.

    Big fan of his work, great concepts and such craftsmanship! Really interesting blurring of disciplines in his work too, they are like sculptural illustrations, but beautifully designed and photographed. Definitely worth mentioning that a lot of his work is photographed by Sam Hofman, who takes some very nice still-lifes. 


  6. How cool are these “Just one more” covers from the Los Angeles Press Photographers Association annuals in the 1950’s and 60’s! No idea who designed them.

    Loads more here. Found them on flickr during my hunt for things to post on my other blog.

  7. One + One an exhibition of new work from Daniel Eatock

    Developed over the course of his Stanley Picker Fellowship, Eatock has been preparing an extensive series of proposals for new object-based works that each establishes a range of formal, practical or conceptual conceits connecting two otherwise independently existing objects. Whilst remaining firmly embedded in his wider hybrid practice, these sculptural object-scenarios have also been originated as part of initial developmental research for the re-branding of the national television network BBC2.”

    I like these as pieces of art, the mention of him rebranding bbc2 is definitely intriguing! If you’ve never had a look before then check out everything on his website http://www.eatock.com/ he’s a very interesting guy with a jam-packed site! 

  8. Aerial photography by German photographer Bernhard Lang

  9. Advertisements, London 1973

    Via Retronaut

  10. Canine Chronicles by photographer Winnie Au, these are a few preview images from an upcoming book she is working on; Canine Chronicles: A Century of History’s Most Notable Dogs. The book is the result of a successful kickstarter page, and has its own tumblr page.

    Dogs in clothes! There is nothing not to like about this. Im sure the book will be really nice, the concept is that they show fictional dogs of the most important people of the 20th century. So above is Albert Einstein, a Steve Jobs husky and a Charlie Chaplin pug.

  11. With the news today that Kodak are filing for bankruptcy, The Guardian has a nice gallery of reader submitted photographs taken using Kodak film.

    See the rest (and links to the sources of the above) here

  12. Alphabets' a project by photographer Bela Borsodi for Wad magazine #39.

    Really brilliant! Seen similar things done a lot before, but this has to be by far the best. 

  13. Black and white photos of London in the 50’s and 60’s by photographer Colin O’Brien. They are from the gallery on his website titled ‘vintage views’. 

  14. Kyle Bean - Soft Guerilla

    "A series of weapons made from harmless materials for a feature article centred around the topic of ‘Guerilla Gardening’ and ‘Yarn Bombing’. Photography: Sam Hofman" done for CUT magazine 

    These are really cool! You might recognise Kyle Beans work, he is probably best know for the chicken he made out of egg shells. Hand made models are his speciality and he was one of the ADC Young Guns this year. 



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