1. Jean Jullien is French designer, illustrator and all round creative. His bio talks of a ‘coherent yet eclectic body of work’ which I think is very true, there is consistency yet a great range! Really like his work, colourful and simple with lots of room for wit and humour. Interesting subject matter too, lots of funny illustrations about the modern world. Love his characters as well, perfect mix of style and simplicity.

    He studied graphic design in Quimper, France before moving to study in London at St.Martins in 2008 and the RCA in 2010. Amazing list of clients as well as many publications that have featured him, and rightly so!

    Check out his website for loads more work! There are a lot of great things that are less illustrative too. www.jeanjullien.com/work.html


London based graphic designer.

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