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    Out of This World: Science Fiction but not as you know it

    Totally forgot to post about this exhibition I visited on my first day in London, last Wednesday. Its at the British Library near Euston, its free! Runs until the 25th of September and I really think its worth popping into. 

    It has a history of Science Fiction split into all the various genres and themes, and explores its crossover into fantasy and horror as well as its influences on real science and how the imagined future matches up with the world of today. I like reading fiction occasionally but Im not a big Sci-fi fan, however I still found it fascinating. It was equally interesting to me as a designer, artists and designers just as much as writers helped create a vision of the future and its amazing to see how people imagined the future to be. Also there are a lot of great book and magazine covers in the exhibition, ranging from a much older victorian style of design, through to modernism and then the 50’s or 60’s retro style that is very much associated with the genre. 

    More info here and on the eye blog here


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