1. Managed to catch Jean Jullien’s first solo show in London this saturday. Allo? runs at Kemistry gallery in shoreditch til the 27th of March, well worth popping by if you’re in London. 

    Always been a huge fan of his work (previous posts here), it’s the sort of clever wit that I really enjoy, as well as a very keen sense of humour. Allo? is full of funny observations about modern life and how we interact with each other in a digital world. It’s not just silly however, do get the feeling of an underlying skepticism or disappointment. Not surprising considering his work is full of smart observations of the world around him, things you would probably miss with your face in your phone all day long!

    You can follow Jean Jullien on tumblr at newsofthetimes.tumblr.com/ a blog of news based editorial illustrations that he runs with two others. Kemistry gallery also have a tumblr at kemistrygallery.tumblr.com/

    Posts about other exhibitions I’ve been to can be found here (been a while but got a few more to write up).


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