1. I saw someone tweet about Jessica Hische’s new font Minot today, and had a quick look at her website for the first time in ages. I was quite surprised to see a lot of work I didn’t recognise, since she is so popular I’d usually expect to see all her new work somewhere or other online ( although I’m definitely not looking at as much stuff now I’m working all the time). This advertising campaign for Bing is one such project that is new to me;

    "Bing put together a really fun campaign this year that I was pumped to be a part of—each day they had a letterer create a search term, something you would do in the summer. For a week, my lettering was posted one day at a time, but it was really fun to see what some of the other letterers did for the project!" jessicahische.is/doingthingsthissummer

    Her website is looking excellent as ever, I think I once blogged about it’s Teen Girl Mode, pleased to see it has now been joined by Swiss Mode and Field Notes Mode (hint: click the heart in the top right corner), quite a fun feature! 


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