1. Christmas Gift Ideas : #1 Present & Correct

    Can’t believe I’ve never blogged about Present & Correct before! Set up by 2 graphic designers (it shows) in 2008, they sell an immaculately well curated¬†collection of things; both modern and vintage. Mainly ephemera, stationary, prints and books which they source on travels around Europe 4 times a year. I absolutely love literally everything they sell, the shame is that the excellent variety means I’ve never actually bought anything from them…

    But the good news is that they are opening a shop tomorrow 6th December, in Clerkenwell (info here). I’m hoping to go on saturday and have a look, and finally buy something from them (cheeky christmas present to myself perhaps). If you’re not in London then check the original online shop instead -¬†http://presentandcorrect.com/

    But they aren’t just a shop, they also have a brilliant blog, and are great across all social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Their blog has been a great source of images for my Mid-Century Modern blog, which they have very kindly tweeted about a few times in the past, so hopefully this post repays the favour!


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