1. Rebrand of The Donkey Sanctuary by The Allotment

    I used to go on a lot of holidays when I was younger to Devon, not far from the Donkey Sanctuary, and I’ve got fond memories of going there. I also went recently only a couple of years a go. Great to see that they have a lovely new identity that has so much heart! It really has a lot going for it, in terms of ideas, style and variety.

    The Allotment are a small and relatively new (few years or so, I think) London design studio whose work I really admire. They have quite a varied portfolio, but mainly centred around branding. I especially like their work for Whites Logistics, plus they recently employed a friend of mine so even more reason to like them! And their blog is a good one; http://www.theallotmentbrainfood.com/


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