1. Last thursday at D&AD New Blood I was lucky enough to attend an event run by publishers Laurence King. It was mainly a discussion between a few of the in-house team there, Laurence King himself, part time creative director Angus Hyland (also Partner at Pentagram) and the illustrator/author Marion Deuchars.

    Was great to find out more about how a book gets published, from it’s initial conception to the final design. As well as hearing their thoughts on how the publishing industry is changing. My particular highlight was hearing advice from Angus (pictured above, with his book cover designs below that), who is a bit of a hero of mine, not just for his work but also the wide range of other things he is involved in. Anyway his advice was;

    • Keep trying until you get a rejection, be persistent but not an annoyance.
    • Always spell check everything and make sure you have the name of someone to contact (and spell that right too).
    • Dig a little deeper when complimenting someone on their work, don’t just say you like the last few things they did.

    He also said the 3 things he looks for in a designer;

    1. Good craft skills
    2. Creativity
    3. Enthusiasm

    Overall it was a great event, and lovely of Laurence King to have some students along. Go have a look at their website and buy some books! Would recommend some, but there are far too many great ones to choose from, so go see for yourself.


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