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    Sunday Links #11

    My favourite things I’ve read this week;

    - The Casual Optimist - Q&A with Barbare deWilde

    - Design Week - What did you do for your degree show? 

    - Design Survival - Guide to getting hired

    Alasdair Monk - Reflections on So & So (Worth checking out the ten issues of So & So, definitely the best example of using good design to make written content on the web much easier and more compelling to read)


    - Unit Editions are having a one day Studio Culture event at the Design Museum in London on the 13th July. Looks really good, and its free, more info here. I’m hoping to go along if I can.

    Watch this;

    - 5 things every presenter needs to know about people

    Listen to this;

    - The Future of Advertising podcast has part 2 of an excellent interview with George Lois.


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