1. Yesterdays post began with the problem of seeing real design in context, and wanting to find out who created it. As a designer who is very interested in packaging (and hoping to get internships at studios specialising in it), going to the supermarket can often become as much about looking at design as it is looking for food!

    So when I saw the Jimmys Iced coffee packaging above in the supermarket last week, part of me thought hmm quite fancy trying this, as I love iced coffee. But another part of me thought wow nice packaging, I wonder who designed it (and if they offer placements).

    Yesterday after randomly clicking one of the recommendations on twitter I found the site of design studio Interabang (great name), and was pleased to discover they were the designers of the Jimmys coffee packaging and branding. So many great things about it; love the mini ‘tash on the top of the pack, love the traditional milk carton shape and those business cards are great!

    Interabang have lots of other great work on their site, very multi-disciplinary which is good to see. They are quite a new studio, only founded a couple of years a go by Adam Giles and Ian Mclean, not surprised to find out they use to work at Hat-Trick, similar emphasis on great ideas. For more on hat-trick check out my post from the lecture Jim Sutherland gave at NUCA this year.


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