1. Sometimes out in the real world I’ll spot a piece of great design, and wonder who designed it. It’s always nice when by chance you find out the answer at a later date. This is what happened to me when I saw the Russian Vodka advert above on the London underground a few weeks a go. It really caught my eye, so I was pretty pleased when I stumbled across the site of La Boca. Who are a London design studio specialising in illustration, and responsible for the campaign.

    They also happen to be the designers of those excellent Black Swan teaser posters, one of which I had on my wall for a while, along with the Salt of Life postcard also pictured. They’re responsible too for a lot of great album covers, some of which I had seen before and admired. 

    Really like their work, so colourful and striking, that book jacket at the top is brilliant! Shame I had seen so much of their work independently without realising they had designed them all. But thats the price of doing commercial work rather than art I guess…


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