1. Another Jubilee post, as today was another day off for it! Spent most of my day driving, and boy have I seen a lot of red and blue bunting! Which got me thinking about it as a colour combination, I recently used it in an editorial project and found that altering the tones slightly can really turn it bad. It’s such a prominent colour combo, in things British, American and French of course, as well as the whole old style 3D thing. When it goes badly though in my opinion it’s reminiscent of pepsi cans or toothpaste, I often think the blue used in British stuff is just a shade too deep. Or maybe the BNP connotations put me off (bit of a shame).

    Anyway enough of my rambling, it segues nicely into a proper post (can’t believe I’ve not done a full one before) about London design and illustration duo Crispin Finn. Who work exclusively in red, white and blue! Really interesting to see limitations being placed on creative work in this age where there are very few real limits. They manage to consistently do brilliant and fun things with the set colour scheme, and it makes their work recognisable and unique. Big fan of their work, you can see more here.

    Oh and they have tumblr too, follow away! http://crispinfinn.tumblr.com/


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