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    Sunday Links #3

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    Newspaper Club had a student week on their blog, which featured some interesting links and advice;

    The New York Magazine asked Milton Glaser 21 Questions, and he gave his opinion on Donald Trumps hair;
    "I can’t figure out his hair. From the point of view of someone who is into art and form-making, I can’t figure out the structure of it: where it’s coming and where it’s going. And then I also wonder, what does he think this object on his head achieves? It’s just a great mystery. "

    How a creative agency thinks about digital publishing an interview with The Church of London

    Designers 3D-print typeface-inspired ‘Arkitypo’ alphabet , Wired magazine article about the typography project Arkitypo, a collaboration between Johnson Banks and Ravensbourne university.

    The Atlantic - Has Kindle killed the book cover?

    Adobe shared an interesting video about design duo Non Format, which you can watch here.


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