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    Sunday Links #2

    My Favorite things I’ve read online this week;

    - The D&AD Professional award winners were announced http://www.dandad.org/awards/professional/2012 and Johnson Banks wrote about a notable and very worth project absent from the awards - Thought For The Week - Not at all funny

    - Mat Dolphin had Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne on their great 10 questions series - Ten Questions 027

    "I always wanted to write and I was always interested in ‘visual culture’: this job allows me to combine the two."

    The Casual Optimist will be here every Sunday if he keeps interviewing great people! This time it was a Q & A with Nigel Peake

    "Nearly everything I see has an affect upon me, one of my favourite things is to sit and just look, not as a form of procrastination but as a way of observing what is around me. There is so much to see and hear in everything."

    The Digital Executioner is a site that randomly generates funny digital business ideas.

    - Handsome Frank, Tweet a Brief is a fun chance to get an idea you have possibly done by a professional illustrator, so long as you keep it under 140 characters. Or if your a creative yourself Bestival Wants You to enter a competition to design a screen-printed poster for one of the artists performing this year. 


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