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    Sunday Links

    My favorite things I’ve read online this week; 

    Mat Dolphin - Graphic Design Will Eat Itself 

    "Put simply, design is all about ideas. Creative, brilliant and original ideas. To come up with these ideas, designers need inspiration, which can and should come in a number of forms. "

    The Casual Optimist - Q&A with Jennifer Heuer 

    "Naturally, I read the manuscript if there is one. While I’m reading I keep a running list of keywords, signifiers, and themes in my notebook. From there I create some free-association lists of words, trying to decide on a general direction for the look."

    Mother London - The Guide to Single Purpose Blogs

    "So what is a Single Purpose Blog? Well, it’s exactly what it says really. A blog about a single thing, one subject; it serves one purpose, and one purpose alone.Unlike a blog on one broad topic, say football or fashion; SPBs are about something super specific."

    The Observer - ‘Magazines will always have a place on people’s shelves’

    Paul Willoughby, creative director of independent film magazine Little White Lies, says: “People are always going to have their personal space, their flat or whatever, and they’re going to want to surround themselves with personal things. I think magazines will always have a place on people’s shelves.” Assuming, Willoughby adds wryly, the internet doesn’t somehow bugger up the shelving industry too.

    (Hopefully this will be a weekly occurrence every sunday, along with a quote every saturday still. Just fancy giving my blog more consistency at weekends) 


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