1. I’m in London til Tuesday, today I checked out the exhibition at Kemistry Gallery - Mr T: The Posters of Jerzy Treutler. (More info here where I got the pictures from too) 

    Great little exhibition, lots of very nice posters! If you don’t know about the Polish poster school of design It’s a very interesting genre, artists had a real freedom in their designs and developed a quite unique style that sometimes borrowed from European Modernism but was often totally different. The film posters are especially fascinating because they relied on mainly abstract graphic elements rather than the photography that dominated movie posters in the west.

    The exhibition runs until 17th of March, and the gallery is on Charlotte Road, Shoreditch. Other things worth checking out in the vicinity are the YCN shop round the corner on Rivington Street, and KK Outlet down the road in Hoxton Square.


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