1. Today I handed in my 5000 word dissertation! Glad its finally done, this will be the last post of my Mid-Century Modern themed week. Normal posting will resume tomorrow.

    Here are some assorted Mid-Century Modern record covers. The top two are designed by Robert M. Jones, then below them are Abner Graboff, Ken Deardoff and John Vidnic, then the next two bigger ones are by Gerry Gersten. Of the bottom 3 the first two are unknown and the Song of Norway was designed by Malcolm Binding. Most of these pictures were found on Mid-Centuria I think, but you can find all the specific sources on the blog below. 

    You can see all my dissertation research images, with sources, at the blog I created especially; http://midcenturymoderndesign.tumblr.com/ (I may still update it from time to time)


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