1. As I’m currently very close to finishing my 5000 word dissertation, which is mainly about Mid-Century Modern graphic design, I’ve decided to dedicate all my blog posts this week to some of the designers and illustrators I’ve been researching.


    If you have never seen the book covers of Alvin Lustig your really missing out! He was a pioneering graphic designer in his short life before he died aged 40 in 1955, the style he was developing in his work during the 1940’s paved the way for the graphical aesthetic of the 1950’s. His Kafka cover above from 1946 is a real favorite of mine too. You can find out more about Lustig on his website, or in the recent and lovely book - Born Modern: The life and design of Alvin Lustig. Plus there are lots of his book covers in this flickr set from Scott Lindberg.


    You can see all my dissertation research images, with sources, at the blog I created especially; http://midcenturymoderndesign.tumblr.com/


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