1. Above are a few bits of work from London design studio Spin, its a small company with a select few clients and well known for its very clean simple modern approach in a variety of different design fields.

    Tomorrow Tony Brook, co-founder of Spin is giving a lecture at my university, with a Q & A afterwards. I saw him speak at TYPO a few weeks a go, he was definitely one of my favorite speakers of the lot. Really down to earth, honest and unpretentious. He was mainly speaking about design and the North of England which was interesting and funny as well, but im hoping tomorrow is more about his design process and Spin. 

    Tony was also the co-curator of the Wim Crouwel exhibition at the Design Museum this summer which I went to and enjoyed (and wrote about here) as well as being co-founder with Adrian Shaughnessy of publishing company Unit Editions. So lots of interesting things he gets up to!


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