1. After The Burgermat Show I went to Kemistry gallery on Charlotte Road in the heart of Shoreditch for their Alan Fletcher exhibition Mind over Matter. Its in honour of the tenth anniversary of the publishing of his seminal book The Art of Looking Sideways. If you don’t own this book then buy it! A giant book full of clever design, intelligent writing and interesting quotes, It’s definitely not just a book for designers id recommend it to anyone.

    The exhibition contained the original plans for a lot of the pages of the book, mainly collaged and handwritten its an interesting look into how he designed and planned out an entire huge book without using a computer. There is aso some prints of his work, and some of his original collages that he use to make out of general ephemera. Oh and theres a photo of the great man himself in his studio on the entire back wall.

    Kemistry Gallery is definitely one of the best places in London to see great design! Recent exhibitions have been from other design legends like Saul Bass and Lou Dorfsman, and they often have amazing contemporary design too.

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