1. Kevin Brainard has some really strong book covers in his portfolio. 

    Kevin Brainard is a creative director, a designed an educator, and the principal of Pleasure—a design studio with a diverse group of clients including the branding, publishing, and entertainment industries.

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(via KW_Logo_DC_1 - Imgur)
  3. I’m back home from a week in sunny Portugal, back to cold and wet Britain unfortunately. But I’m excited to extend summer a little by catching Jean Jullien’s beach themed exhibition! 

    Jean Jullien - La Plage, 12th - 29th September @ Beach London

    La Plage builds upon Jullien’s recent London exhibitions Allo? at Kemistry Gallery and at Pick Me Up, Somerset House, in presenting sharp-witted visual puns that explore human interaction and social behaviours - in this case, at the Beach. The work in La Plage will draw inevitable comparison to the infamous British seaside postcards from the early twentieth century by the likes of Donald McGill; eschewing the overt suggestiveness, and replacing it with a more subtle, intelligent humour - made possible by Jullien’s outstanding understanding of composition.

    These are so smart and funny, hope I can get down there to see the exhibition in person. You can follow some of his work on tumblr here - newsofthetimes.tumblr.com/ and he recently joined twitter @jean_jullien.

    Previous posts about here Jean Jullien here

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    Read my thoughts on the new Yahoo! logo…
  5. Poster Poetry by Pat Bradbury - “Nonsense poems disguised as club posters.”

    Hilarious idea! You can follow Pat on tumblr here - http://patbradbury.tumblr.com/ (This is absolutely hilarious too)

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    Please vote for my friend Benjamin’s T-shirt design for the ACL festival in Austin. It’s awesome and deserves to be beating some of the others who are currently on more votes…
VOTE HERE PLEASE! Only takes a few seconds through facebook or twitter :) thanks! 

    Please vote for my friend Benjamin’s T-shirt design for the ACL festival in Austin. It’s awesome and deserves to be beating some of the others who are currently on more votes…

    VOTE HERE PLEASE! Only takes a few seconds through facebook or twitter :) thanks! 

  7. The Fabric of Design a design for a limited edition oyster card holder, designed by Andreas Neophytou

    I’m loving this, great use of the weird but iconic patters that all Londoners know so well! Very striking. It’s part of a series of oyster card cases that are celebrating the London design festival, and 150th birthday of Transport for London. You can find out more, and see the others in the series here, worth looking at the Noma Bar one too, brilliant as always!

    You can follow Andreas Neophytou on tumblr here; http://blog.andreasneophytou.com/. I’ve been following him for ages, big admirer of his work! Lots of really lovely logos in his portfolio.

  8. Egg nog packaging designed by N.Z based studio Alt Group. Beautifully minimal, but all about that top down view! 

    via Collate

  9. Food for thought by Allan Peters, Danielle Evans and the Target InHouse team;

    We were faced with a challenge - no one in Canada realized that Target carried grocery products. Our idea was simply create beautiful headlines out of food. I did a little research and found a young and extremely talented letterer named Danielle Evans who had been experimenting with food and was really good at it. We wrote some lines, roughed a few layouts, found some beautiful surfaces and then flew her to the studio. It was a very organic process that came together in only a few weeks with a very small team.


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    Seb Lester @ Playdesk

    Here, as promised, is my full write up of the Seb Lester lecture I mentioned in this previous post. 

  11. Midnight drinks branding and packaging designed by Mucho.

    We were invited to generate a new brand identity that could retain the tradition and elegance of cocktail making, whilst reflecting this revolutionary new method. Based on the geometric reinterpretation of the ‘M’ and the ‘N’ in Mid Night we created a system of triangles that when mixed with classic engravings of fruits generate a kaleidoscopic visual language. It really captures this new and fun way of creating cocktails.

    Very nice, I always love logos that work as patterns. I came across this while browsing Mucho’s work today after seeing a few people on twitter sharing this really cool animation. Which is of logos they have designed; http://vimeo.com/44233096

    Check out Mucho’s impressive folio here -  www.wearemucho.com/

  12. Hawt Sauce is the first in Telegramme Studios collaboration series;

    We have teamed up with small upstart Holloway Kitchen to produce this limited edition, EXTRA THICK HOT SAUCE. 250ml of this versatile gourmet sauce comes packaged in a two sided, hand screen-printed, 90gsm recycled paper wrap, including serving suggestions and an awesome burger recipe.

    Includes an exclusive 2 colour, screen-printed, A4 mini print to look at while enjoying this brilliant hot sauce. Small batch - limited to 50 bottles / prints.

    This looks so nice! Buy it here store.telegramme.co.uk/product/hot-sauce 

    & follow Telegramme on tumblr! http://blog.telegramme.co.uk/

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